Frequently Asked Questions

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After-market products: Are they safe?
Air bags: What do I need to know about air bags and my child?
Booster seats: How do I comply with the law if my car only has lap belts in the back seat?
Built-in seats: How common are they?
Choosing seats: How do I know which seat to use?
Crashes: Can I use a car safety seat that was in a crash?
Crashes: How does a car seat protect my child in a crash?
Crashes: What actually happens to the body in a crash?
Flying and car seats: Can I use a car safety seat on an airplane?
Law: What does Minnesota law say about how children should be buckled in?
Old car seats: What should I do with my old car seat?
Pick-up trucks: Can I transport my child in one?
Seat belts: How do I know when my child is ready for the vehicle shoulder and lap belt?
Seat belts: What if my car only has lap belts in the back seat?
Seat belts: Why do children need car seats instead of just seat belts alone?
Special needs: What if my baby is born prematurely?
Special needs: What if my baby weighs more than 20 pounds but is not one year old yet?
Special needs: What if my child has special health care needs?
Travel vests: Should my child use one?
What if I drive more children than can be buckled safely in the back seat?

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Content provided by the Minnesota Safety Council, AAA Clubs of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety.